Nagpur Smart City Council

In 2015, Nagpur First has proactively formed a Nagpur Smart City Council to create citizen driven Knowledge Forum which acts as observer and catalyst for Nagpur to become a world class smart & sustainable city.

Nagpur First works with the city administration and engages with them on consultative basis. While the council is by invitation only, this group is for everyone interested in staying updated or contributed to Nagpur becoming a smart city.

May 2015

The council has been formed with a 5-member steering committee, 19 experts across 10 sectors, 4 international advisors

June 2015

Boardroom meeting with Mr. Shravan Hardikar, Municipal Commissioner, NMC on “Challenges for Nagpur”

October 2015

Nagpur Smart City Council has done joint consultation for CRISIL on the smart city initiative. First external citizens of Nagpur – outside NMC – to fill in the Feedback Form on Smart City Vision. Expert Members participated in all 10 Sector specific consultations held by CRISIL for Smart City Proposal preparation at NMC office.

Nagpur First has Initiated as-is study on 100 indicators for sustainable cities using the ISO37120 for Nagpur. Mr. Shravan Hardikar, Municipal Commissioner, NMC has approved and authorized Nagpur First to collect the data on all ISO indicators and to register Nagpur in city indicators in the World Council for City Data after formal approval from NMC.

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