Our Missions

The basic idea of Nagpur First is to help, support and contribute towards Nagpur City’s growth and development – towards this goal any and all legal, ethical and moral ways and means will be employed.

  • Develop clusters of food processing units based on Oranges
  • Support and develop cotton utilizing indudustries;
  • Help and support Coal and other minerals of Vidarbha.
  • Help and Support in businesses to internationalize traditional Weaving Cottage Industry of Nagpur

Attractions Near Nagpur



Adasa, a small village located at a distance of 43 km north-west of Nagpur on Saoner- Kalmeshwar road is renowned for several ancient and magnificent temples. The main temple located here is the ancient Adasa Ganesh Temple which is one of the eight Ashta-Vinayaks in Vidarbha.


This initiative is about establishing official relationships between Nagpur city and 3 relevant cities across the world. The efforts started in 2009 when the then Municipal Commissioner Aseem Gupta had issued a letter to NF with a mandate/authorization to represent NMC and explore sister city partnerships with other cities.