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Recognizing individuals and organizations that contribute towards Nagpur’s development and support it in becoming a global city

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Last date of submission - 30th September 2018

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The basic idea of Nagpur First is to help, support and contribute towards Nagpur City’s growth and development – towards this goal any and all legal, ethical and moral ways and means will be employed. It intends to achieve this by creating a platform for connecting local individuals to foreign individuals, local business to global businesses, local schools to global schools, local associations to global associations, local governments to foreign governments.

To further its vision of “Nagpur a Global city by 2020” it is organizing the fifth annual Global Nagpur Summit 2018 on 30th November & 1st December 2018, at Nagpur. The summit is aimed at creating a global development platform for individuals, organizations and administrators of Nagpur City which has the potential of becoming a globally recognized city for the varied resources, central positioning and unique value propositions it exudes. This year’s theme is “Connecting Central India to the World". More details on the summit are available at

An integral part of the summit will be the 5th edition of Global Nagpur Awards! Nominations are now open for Global Nagpur Awards 2018 which shall recognize individuals and organizations that contribute towards Nagpur’s development and support it in becoming a global city.





Nomination Categories

S.No. Award Categories Type Who can apply?
1 Arts & Culture Individuals and Organizations Painters, Sculptors, Dramatists, Dancers, Musicians, Authors, Writers etc.
2 Individual Professional Individuals Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Freelancers, Employed Professionals etc.
3 Information Technology Individuals and Organizations Software Companies, Hardware companies, Cable Networks, Internet Service Providers etc.
4 Startups (0-5 years) Individuals and Organizations All types of Startups, Entrepreneurs etc.
5 Individual Entrepreneur Established (> 5 years) Individuals and Organizations Manufacturing or services business owners, Industrialists, etc.
6 Education Individuals and Organizations Public or Private Institutes, Academies, Universities, Training Centers, Education Service Providers etc. Also, Teachers, Trainers etc.
7 Infrastructure & Environment Individuals and Organizations Environment Researchers, Infra Service Providers etc.
8 Sports Individuals Sport Professionals, Clubs, Trainers etc.
9 Agriculture Agriculture Products Individuals and Organizations Agricultural products manufacturers, Fertilizer Manufacturing companies, Agro based industries, Agro marketing, Agro promoters etc.
10 Hospitality and Tourism Individuals and Organizations Hotels, Restaurants, Club Houses, Resorts etc.
11 Manufacturing Individuals and Organizations Industries with plant and machine investments etc.
12 Social Venture Individuals and Organizations Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social businesses/initiatives with high social impact etc.
13 Health Individuals and Organizations Fitness Centers, Clinics, Hospitals, Health Trainers etc.
14 Science and technology Individuals and Organizations Research Institutes, Inventors, Scientists, Researchers, Technologists etc.
15 Media and Entertainment Individuals and Organizations Online Media, Studios, Newspapers, Production houses, etc

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