Global Leadership Talk

Global leadership talks are organized to ‘Ignite global sparks in local minds’. Nonresident Nagpurians who’ve excelled in their respective fields give talks on topics which revolve around taking Nagpur to global level and inspiring people from all ages. Since 2014, Nagpur First has been making efforts to identify global leaders and invite them to Nagpur and speak with select audience. These talks have led to new partnerships established with businesses in Nagpur. The following talks have been conducted till now:

  • Mr. Chandru Iyer, International Business Development Director, Kingston Smith LLP, UK
    Topic: Exploring International Markets: An Eye on the UK, Gateway to Europe
  • Dr. Vijay Pereira, Area (Associate) Editor – OB & HR Journal of Asia Business Studies, UK
    Topic: International Business & Management Research in India: Past, Present and Future
  •  Mr. Rahul Petkar, CEO, Polaris Software Lab Canada Inc., Canada
    Topic: Future of Global Outsourcing: Trends that will redefine the outsourcing model
  • Mr. Mohan Uttarwar, CEO, iNDx LifeCare, USA
    Topic: Serial Entrepreneurship: The secrets to repeat success in business
  • Dr. Ramesh Jain, Professor, University of California at Irvine, USA
    Topic: The Visual Web – Utilizing Big Data to solve real world challenges
  • Mr. Suresh Vasu, CEO, Vivo Kidney Care, USA
    Topic: Doing Well and Doing Good – Entrepreneurship in IT, Health and Social Change
  • Mr. Amit Waikar, President of Indian Association, Shanghai, China
    Topic: Indo-China relationship and opportunities for entrepreneurs in mainland China
  • Mr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman & MD Persistent Systems, India
    Topic: Digital – The New Global Business Paradigm
  • Mr. Peeyush Rathkantiwar, Founder, Orderbox Inc, USA
    Topic: Agile Methodology
  • Mr. Vedeesh Sahajpal, Senior Product Developer, Viatech AS, Norway
    Topic: Agile Methodology


15 new partnerships established with Nagpur businesses through Amit Waikar, President of Indian Association, Shanghai. Mr. Amit Waikar is also Nagpur First’s Global Outreach Ambassador for Shanghai in China

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